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[6/15/2013] The latest on the NPB’s “new” standard baseball

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Updates from June 15:

  • Between the press conference on the Wednesday and noon on Friday, the NPB office received about 6,000 e-mails and 400 phone calls from disgruntled fans OR between 6:00pm on Thursday and noon on Friday, about 1,700 e-mails and about 200 phone calls.
  • Some of the people that attended Friday's meeting felt that all the blame could not be pinned on the Commissioner's Office and that the twelve teams had to accept some of the responsibility.  Some felt the issue should have been brought up in March when stock switched over to the new standard baseball and people were beginning to suspect something was amiss.  The timing of the WBC may have also kept some of the focus away from the baseball.  Additionally, some of the teams felt they should have been more involved along the way.
  • A third party will be established to conduct investigations into the new baseball, the release of information, and NPB governance.
  • Results of the investigation will apparently be disclosed during an owner meeting on July 10.
  • The NPB released the results of the tests they conducted on baseballs over the last five years on Friday.  The results were not made public until Friday.  Reps from the twelve teams also received copies of the tests for the first time.
  • Eight tests were conducted between 2011 and 2012 (includes re-tests).  The coefficient of restitution was lower than 0.4134 (what the NPB weas aiming for in 2011 and 2012) in each of the tests, but above the lower limit of 0.4034.  End result = the league was using baseballs that were not carrying enough in 2011 and 2012.
  • Two tests have been conducted so far this season (April and June).  The figures were all around 0.416, which is still well below the upper limit of 0.4374.
  • The difference between the lower limit of 0.4034 and the upper limit of 0.4374 is about 6.4 meters, assuming the following conditions: ball thrown at 144km/h, bat swung at 126km/h, angle of contact twenty-seven degrees.  A change of 0.001 is about twenty centimeters.
  • Nearly 200 members of the media were at Friday's press conference.

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UPDATE @ 11:24pm -

The team reps spent time some time today giving their players and coaches a rundown of what was mentioned during the NPB's explanatory meeting on Friday.

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/15/2013