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[6/20/2013] NPB Project Promotion Committee agrees Inter-league schedule could use tweaking

by on Jun.21, 2013 @ 12:06 am, under NPB

The NPB's Project Promotion Committee, made up of representatives from six of the twelve NPB teams, met on Wednesday and discussed the Inter-league schedule.

The Central League submitted a proposal to shorten the Inter-league season from twenty-four games to eighteen per team.  The Pacific League responded by saying that they could not agree to the proposal.  The issue was then handed off to the Project Promotion Committee.

The committee did not specifically discuss shortening the schedule on Wednesday, but members did agree that the current schedule could use some tweaking.  They also confirmed the growth in Inter-league attendance this season.

Source: Sponichi 6/20/2013


The NPB will be accepting applications for their umpire school (December 18-23) between June 21 and July 31.  Additional information can be found at the official NPB website.

Source: official announcement