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[6/24/2013] Sponichi posts short interview with Gosuke Katoh

by on Jun.24, 2013 @ 6:27 pm, under MLB

Sponichi posted a brief interview with Gosuke Katoh, taken after he went 1-for-2 with a home run in his first game on the 21st.

The first pitcher you faced was left-handed.  You still managed to keep your body closed.

I came into today thinking it would not matter how things ended, even if I struck out.  They play about sixty games here.  I felt it made no sense to get down about things.  That I should just go straight in.

Which do you feel is your strength: hitting or fielding?

Well, I think fielding, probably.  I am not flashy, but I am consistent.  That is my strength.  I also feel defense can change the flow of the game.

You were assigned the number nineteen.

That is what they gave me.  I did not ask for it, it was just the number I found hanging in my locker.  I think in Japan the number eighteen is for aces.  And plus one is nineteen.

Which number would you like?

I was twenty-four in high school.  It is also [Robinson] Cano's number.  Fifty-one is good too.  I thought it might be kind of nice to wear the fifty-one like Ichiro.

Have you noticed anything different on offense since turning pro?

In high school, it was eighty-six miles per hour, but in the pros it's ninety or ninety-five miles per hour.  There is also a lot more movement on the curves, changes, and slider.  I am really surprised I was able to hit one today.