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[6/25/2013] Third-Party Standard Baseball Investigation Committee

by on Jun.25, 2013 @ 4:54 pm, under NPB

The NPB announced the members of the thirty-party standard baseball investigation committee today.

The committee will be made up of the following three lawyers:

  • Kohei Nasu (71) - former member of the Supreme Court
  • Zenzo Sasaki (60)- former chief prosecutor at the Kyoto District Public Prosecutor Office
  • Masatake Yone (58) - former lecturer at Hitotsubashi University

Nasu will be chairman of the committee.  Masumi Kuwata (45) has been named a special adviser.  The first first meeting will take place some time this week.  As of now, it seems a preliminary report will be provided during the next owner's meeting on July 10 with a final report due before the end of July.

Kuwata was selected as a special adviser because of his background as a pitcher in both the NPB and MLB.  He will take part in meetings/discussions as needed.

Source: Sponichi 6/25/2013, Nikkan Sports 6/25/2013, Daily Sports 6/25/2013


Job placement company Bizreach asked its members to take a survey on the NPB's standard baseball problem.  Of the 716 members that responded, eighty-five percent felt that NPB Commissioner Ryozo Kato should step down.  Reasons included, the person at the top should take responsibility for the scandal, and the leader, regardless of whether or not they had prior information, should take full responsibility.  Members were also asked who they felt might be a good replacement for Kato.  Softbank Hawks' chairman Sadaharu Oh led all possibilities with twenty percent of votes, followed by Softbank president Masayoshi Son (fifteen percent) and Atsuya Furuta (eleven percent).  A majority fifty-four percent felt that the next commissioner should be a former NPB player.

Source: Sponichi 6/25/2013


UPDATE 6/26 @ 11:06pm -

Sanspo has posted a portion of Masumi Kuwata's interactions with the media during his press conference on Tuesday.

You were named a special adviser.

I do not think I would be here if there was even just one person against the idea, or if I did not go to graduate school.  I did learn about compliance while attending graduate school.

What are your thoughts on the standard baseball?

When I was still playing, there were six or seven baseball manufacturers and it raised problems because they had different stitching, different sizes, different feels, different weights, they carried, did not carry.  With a standard ball, they all use the same thing.  This is really a wonderful change.

What are you thoughts on the ball that carries a lot.

When I was still playing, even I as able to hit the billboards at Tokyo Dome during practices.  Compared to that, the ball is not carrying that much.  There are going to be players that are helped by this and players that are hurt by this.  In the end, it probably balances out.

What about the commissioner?

He is very passionate about baseball.  The standard baseball is really a great idea no matter how you look at it.  This recent development is regrettable and worrisome.  I would like to hear what he really thinks.

Source: Sanspo 6/26/2013