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[6/28/2013] Standard Baseball Third-Party Investigation Committee meets for the first time

by on Jun.28, 2013 @ 6:16 pm, under NPB

The Standard Baseball Third-Party Investigation Committee met in Tokyo today for their first meeting.  Committee chairman Kohei Nasu provided the following comment to the media:

The Standard Baseball Third-Party Investigation Committee held their first meeting today.  It lasted about an hour.  We discussed the direction we planned to take.  Special adviser [Masumi] Kuwata also brought up a number of things and we feel we have a good grasp of how things will proceed.  With regards to the report, we will do our best to finish it before the end of September.  Our goal in this investigation is to do our best to provide a comprehensive report that takes into consideration the twelve teams, the players, the fans, and everyone else that has a stake [in baseball].

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/28/2013


Nikkan Sports has posted the demands and opinions the JPBPA submitted to the NPB on Thursday.  It is a little long so I have instead provided a summary of what was written.  Please check the link if you were interested in the complete Japanese text.

The players have outlined five main issues they would like to see addressed.

  1. The players feel the commissioner (and the current system) is largely at fault for the problems with the standard baseball.  Without naming the commissioner directly, they point out how he has been passive and avoiding responsibility.  They want to third-party committee to take this into account when conducting their investigation.
  2. They provide a list of requirements for future commissioner candidates.  A person with: a vision, a sense of responsibility, strong leadership abilities, and good business sense.  Someone fairly younger that is capable of taking neutral positions.  They should be involved in the improvement of the league.
  3. Some sort of system should be created to make sure information is never again concealed from fans and players.  Opinions from players and other involved parties should also be taken into considered.
  4. For the investigations, interviews should be conducted with a wide variety of people, including players and members of the player association.  The investigations should be impartial and follow the Kigyo-to Fushojini Okeru Daisanshaiinkai Guideline.
  5. The new commissioner should use his powers to make sure the owners can not go against any of the decisions made by the third-party committee.


UPDATE 6/29 @ 2:40pm -

Kuwata was the only member of the committee that spoke directly to the media after the first committee meeting on Friday.  He told reporters that he intends to speak his mind (will not be intimated by any of the groups) and be active in the investigations.  He also said that he plans to attend all subsequent weekly meetings.

Source: Sports Hochi 6/29/2013