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[8/5/2013] Alfonso Soriano, 2,000 hits, and the Meikyukai

by on Aug.05, 2013 @ 1:43 am, under MLB, NPB

Daily Sports conducted an interview with Alfonso Soriano on the possibility of making the Meikyukai.

Have you ever heard of the Meikyukai?

Mei...kyukai?  What is the Meikyukai?

You need 2,000 hits, 200 wins, or 250 saves to make it into the Meikyukai.  For players in Japan, it is a great honor.

Oh, I see.

Your eligibility to the Meikyukai has been a hot topic in Japan lately.

I was given the opportunity to begin my career in the NPB, but I only played for a short time and recorded just two hits.

Sadaharu Oh, Shigeo Nagashima, Ichiro, and Hideki Matsui are all members of the Meikyukai.  How do you feel about the possibility of joining them?

That would be great honor if it were to happen.  Ichiro and Matsui, great players that have managed to record 2,000 hits in Japan and in the Majors.  Only a handful of players can make it.  Making it into that group would be an honor.

When you started your career in Japan, did you ever imagine making it to 2,000 hits?

I never imagined it, but I practiced hard because I wanted to get better and wanted to become the type of player that could [get to 2,000 hits].

What are your thoughts of becoming a Meikyukai member?

My time [in Japan] was very short, but it is the place where I began my career.  It they approve me, then I will gladly become a member.  I would be very lucky.

Source: Daily Sports 8/4/2013