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[9/10/2013] Female high school baseball player Yuma Yamaguchi files letter of intent

by on Sep.10, 2013 @ 4:33 pm, under High School

Nanryo High School baseball player Yuma Yamaguchi (17) filed a letter of intent with the Japan High School Baseball Federation.  According to federation officials, she is the first female player on record to file a letter of intent.  She filed because she wanted to attend a tryout for the Japan Women's Baseball League on the 5th.

"It was very competitive so I will not get my hopes up.  I would like to continue playing baseball," said Yamaguchi to reporters.

While she never got the chance to play in any regular season games, she did get to play in some practice games.  She also managed a few hits in those games.  She is a second baseman by trade, but attended the tryout as a catcher since there were fewer players at that position.

"I am not thinking of anything other than becoming a professional player," said Yamaguchi.  "Making it as an infielder might be difficult.  I attended the tryout as a catcher because I want to make it in."

She added, "There were times I thought about quitting, but thanks to my teachers and parents, I was able to keep going."

"For three years, she did the same practices as the other guys," said Nanryo manager Ko Toyama.  "She has guts."

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