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[9/14/2013] Yakult Swallows: How NPB pitchers have been pitching to Wladimir Balentien in 2013

by on Sep.14, 2013 @ 11:02 am, under NPB

I was a little curious about how pitchers were pitching to Wladimir Balentien this year so I did a little digging and managed to come up with the following charts that might be of a little interest.  I should note that all the information contained in these charts was taken from Yahoo and may or may not be entirely accurate.

I hope by sharing these charts, it will make watching the upcoming pitcher confrontations a little more interesting.


Here is a standard chart that shows Balentien's splits based on the strike zone.  The inner box represents the strike zone, split into nine sections.

As you can see quite easily, Balentien loves hitting pitches middle of the plate out and up in the zone.  Thirty-two (32) of the fifty-five (55) home runs and sixty-six (66) of the one-hundred twenty-nine (129) hits he has collected this year have come on pitches in that area.

But let us take a closer look.

This chart represents every pitch Balentien has seen so far this year.  Look at all those pitches low and away.

This is a breakdown of all the fastballs Balentien has seen this year.

This is a breakdown of the off-speed pitches.  Balentien has seen about two-hundred (200) more off-speed pitches this year.

Now, let us take a look at strikes.

Of the one-thousand nine-hundred and ninety-seven (1,997) pitches has seen, only five-hundred (500) have been strikes.  This total only includes strikes looking and strikes swinging.  Pitches that were fouled off were not included.

I have broken down strikes into the following charts:

Fastballs strike looking and fastballs strike swinging and...

...off-speed strike looking and off-speed strike swinging.

The out you see under the strike swinging boxes is the sum of the numbers in the outer box, or the total number of times Balentien has swung at pitches out of the zone.

Now hits.

And hits broken down between fastball and off-speed.

And finally home runs.

And the breakdown between fastball and off-speed.

That is it for the charts.  I wanted to go a even deeper, like checking to see how these charts might change based on pitch counts and whether or not there were runners on base, but I thought that might be too much information to soak in in just one sitting.  Perhaps that is something I can cover in a future post.

Below is a list of the individual at bats results I have posted for Balentien.  It might be of interest to go back and look through these again to see how pitchers were pitching to the slugger.