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[9/22/2013] Yokohama Bay Stars to bring Kiyoshi Nakahata back next season

by on Sep.22, 2013 @ 1:43 pm, under NPB

Sports Hochi is reporting that the Yokohama Bay Stars are planning to bring Kiyoshi Nakahata back next season.  The organization will most likely pitch their offer after the last game of the season on October 8 (vs Hanshin at Yokohama).

"There is news about [managers from] other teams, but that is because they are in the middle of a two- or three-year deal.  We are in [the final year of] a two-year deal," GM Shigeru Takada said to reporters on Saturday.  When asked about the timing of their offer, he replied, "When [the season] is over."

Nakahata told fans at the end of the season last year that he would be fired if he did not make the Climax Series in 2013.  While the team is currently eighteen games under five-hundred and in fifth place, they signs of life on and off throughout the course of the season.  They were also competing for a possible spot in the Climax Series until fairly late in the year.  And while some (or all) of that might have to do with an under-performing Central League, it was apparently enough to earn Nakahata at least another year at the helm.

Incidentally, GM Takada admitted to reporters the team was still not ready to win a championship and team owner Makoto Haruta showed his support by saying the manager was not the only one at fault.

The Bay Stars are also putting together a list of names for the coaching staff next year.  Hiromi Makihara and Hiroki Nomura are thought to be on the list.

"We are in the middle of the season.  I have not heard anything about it.  And so long as I have not heard anything, I am in no position to comment," Nakahata said.  He added, "Only twelve people can [manage an NPB team].  There is the responsibility [that comes with the position], but there is nothing that makes me happier [than managing]."

Source: Sports Hochi 9/22/2013