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[9/25/2013] Economic impact of Rakuten pennant could be worth over twenty-two billion yen for Miyagi Prefecture

by on Sep.25, 2013 @ 1:58 pm, under NPB

Kansai University Graduate School professor Katsuhiro Miyamoto announced on Tuesday that if the Rakuten Eagles record their first pennant, it will have an estimated economic impact of about 22,959,050,000 yen for Miyagi Prefecture.  If the team ends up winning the Nippon Series, 27,155,890,000 yen.

According to Miyamoto, if the Eagles win their first pennant, the immediate impact will be worth about 14,215,250,000 yen.  This is based on the team playing five more regular seasons games at home with an average attendance of 18,000, followed by full-houses during a four-game Final Stage Climax Series.

Assuming each person attending the games spends about 9,500 yen (ticket, food, merchandise, transportation costs), the total works out to over two billion yen.  Additional impact from things like victory sales was calculated at over 9.9 billion yen; various appearance fees for players and managers at 1.5 billion yen; and parade related costs that could attract about 100,000 fans at over six hundred million yen.

The first wave of indirect impact was estimated at 4.9 billion yen.  The second wave at 3.8 billion yen.

Incidentally, teams like the Yomiuri Giants and Hanshin Tigers are estimated at about fifty billion yen.

Source: Daily Sports 9/25/2013