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[9/27/2013] Third-Party Panel releases its findings on the standard baseball

by on Sep.27, 2013 @ 9:26 pm, under NPB

The third-party panel investigating the changes to the standard baseball held a press conference in Tokyo earlier today.

With regards to whether or not commissioner Ryozo Kato knew about the changes, the commissioner himself strongly denied having knowledge.  NPB officials, beginning with secretary-general Kunio Shimoda, have also given similar testimonies and we were unable to find sufficient evidence that stated otherwise.  Based on this, while we cannot say that Kato knew of the changes, we also cannot say, based on the arguments he made during an executive committee meeting, that the allegations are completely lifted.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/27/2013

The panel also pointed out that the commissioner can not skirt the responsibility of the confusion that was created by changes to the baseball, regardless of whether or not he knew what happened.  Additionally, they felt the NPB was currently structured in a way that did not allow for accountability.  And that started with the commissioner's position, which is currently only part-time.

Source: Sponichi 9/27/2013, Daily Sports 9/27/2013, Nikkan Sports 9/27/2013

Commissioner Kato canceled his appearance at a press conference after the third-party panel released it's findings.  He told reporters he had nothing to add.

Source: Daily Sports 9/27/2013

UPDATE @ 11:36pm -

The NPB will discuss and determine the fate of those involved during meetings on the September 30 (twelve-team) and October 2 (owner meeting).  The NPB will also post the third-party panel's complete report at the official NPB website within the next couple of days.  The report is apparently over eighty pages.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/27/2013