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[10/8/2013] Kagoshima Josei High School: Four players pour hot water on first-year teammate

by on Oct.08, 2013 @ 2:39 pm, under High School

The media learned today that four first- and second-year students on the Kagoshima Josei High School baseball team poured hot water on a first-year teammate that required a one-week hospital stay.

According to high school officials, on August 20, four students obtained hot water at the cafeteria in the boys dormitory and poured it on a first-year teammate in a bath area.  The first-year teammate attempted to contact his parents, but had his mobile phone taken away from him.  Concerned about getting caught, the four students agreed to tell people the first-year teammate chafed his skin.

The school suspended the four students indefinitely.  The Japan High School Baseball Federation issued one-month suspensions to the four students and gave the school a stern warning.  The first-year teammate filed a report with police.

Source: Sponichi 10/8/2013