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[10/17/2013] Twelve team reps meet to discuss additional findings

by on Oct.18, 2013 @ 2:19 am, under NPB

The third-party committee provided the NPB with a follow-up report on the 16th.  Reps from the twelve teams met on Thursday to discuss the additional findings and prepare recommendations on what should be done.  Final discussions and decisions will be made during a special owner meeting on the 21st.

A new detail has also surfaced that suggests there was a misunderstanding between the NPB and Mizuno that may have resulted in ball with a lot more bounce:

The baseball's cork core is surrounded by rubber.  The rubber is mixed with a substance that affects the bounce quotient.  The mix rate of this substance was set at 30% during initial talks between the NPB and Mizuno.  However, to maintain an average minimum bounce quotient of 0.4134, Mizuno pushed the rate up to 40%.  They apparently did not provide an update of the change because when the NPB asked them to lower the mix rate to 20% in October 2012, they did so under the assumption that it was still set at 30%.  So instead of the mix rate dropping ten percent from thirty to twenty, it actually dropped twenty percent from forty to twenty.

When Sankei Shimbun approached Mizuno for comment, they replied that they could not answer the question.

The reps also discussed proposals to the posting system and gathered follow-up opinions and suggestions.  Deliberations will continue with the MLB in hopes that some sort of resolution can be reached before the end of October.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/17/2013, Sanspo 10/17/2013