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[10/21/2013] Sapporo Sosei High School’s manager in trouble for resorting to physical punishments

by on Oct.22, 2013 @ 1:47 am, under High School

The media learned on Monday that Sapporo Sosei High School's baseball manager, a male teacher in his thirties, hit a number of his players on the head as an act of punishment.  He has since apologized to his players and has been suspended.  The players did not suffer any injuries.

According to high school officials, between late-September and early-October, the manager of the baseball team hit and kicked players after they made mistakes during practices or failed to follow his instructions.  He was also said to have thrown a chair.

The school learned about the incidents when a number of players approached another teacher for advice.  School officials held an investigation and learned that seven or eight players were the target of his punishments.  The same manager was also issued a warning earlier this year when a number students named him in a school-administered survey on physical punishments.

The school has already reported the incidents to the Hokkaido High School Baseball Federation and the Japan High School Baseball Federation.

Source: Sponichi 10/21/2013

UPDATE 10/23 @ 3:00am -

The media learned on Tuesday that Sapporo Sosei's baseball team director, a teacher in his twenties, and baseball team adviser, a man in his thirties, was also hitting members of the team.

The director caught five members of the team playing soccer on September 14 and instructed them to sit on the ground as he kicked each one or two times in the chest area (there was a no-soccer rule because the team was worried players might get hurt).  The director also poked a first-year player with a bat on October 6 because he was not being vocal.

The adviser slapped a first-year player in the face four times after he tried to hand in a notebook for a class assignment that was not his own.

The school also learned that the manager hit six players.

Source: Sponichi 10/22/2013