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[10/26/2013] Draft News and Notes

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Yakult Swallows

  • 1st round draft pick Toshihiro Sugiura tops out at 149km/h.  He throws a curve, slider, and splitter.  His father was a pitcher on the Obihiro Kita High School baseball team.  His mother played softball and was also a pitcher for Obiro Kita.  His brother, Hiroto, participated in the summer Koshien and read the player's statement during opening ceremonies. [Sanspo 10/26/2013]

Chunichi Dragons

  • The Dragons' top three picks appeared on Tokai TV's Dora Hot Plus on Saturday.
  • 1st round draft pick Shota Suzuki (18) is hoping to gain three to four kilograms before he graduates from high school. [Sports Hochi 10/26/2013] ... He wants to push his weight from seventy-two to about seventy-seven before he moves into the team dormitory in January next year. [Sponichi 10/26/2013] ... Suzuki has confidence in his pitching mechanics -- he has used the same basic delivery since elementary school and does not plan on making any major changes.  Some are concerned he might feel pressured into changing things. [Tokyo Sports 10/26/2013]

Hanshin Tigers

  • 1st round draft pick Yuta Iwasada (22) did not take any batting practice during his four-year college career because the Kanagawa University Baseball League has a DH rule (has not swung a bat since his third year in high school).  He plans to resume hitting workouts, beginning with bunts, now the he knows he will be playing in a league without a DH rule.  He was also told by Yutaka Wada that pitchers that know how to bunt win games. [Sports Hochi 10/26/2013] ... Iwasada received about 150 congratulatory e-mails after the draft.  He threw about sixty pitches in the bullpen during workouts on Friday in preparation for the start of the Kanto Region University Championships on the 30th. [Nikkan Sports 10/26/2013] ... Iwasada is scheduled to start a game against Jobu University on the 31st. [Sanspo 10/26/2013] ... The Tigers are planning to offer him the number fifteen or eighteen.  Masanori Fujihara and Kazuhito Futagami wore the numbers fifteen and eighteen, respectively, this past season. [Sanspo 10/26/2013]
  • 2nd round draft pick Shintaro Yokota (18) hit a home run that traveled an estimated 130 meters using a wooden bat during batting practice on Friday.  GM Katsuhiro Nakamura compared Yokota to Yoshio Itoi. [Daily Sports 10/26/2013] ... Has a grip strength of sixty kilograms with his left and fifty-five with his right.  Can run the fifty meter in 6.1 seconds.  Hit twenty-nine home runs over his high school career. [Sanspo 10/26/2013]
  • 4th round draft pick Ryutaro Umeno (22) goes out for most of his dinners -- he only eats two or three dinners a month at his dorm.  He knows some of the best place to eat in Fukuoka. [Tokyo Sports 10/26/2013]

Hiroshima Carp

  • 1st round draft pick Daichi Osera (22) is writing a graduation thesis on his four years as a college player -- he is breaking down every pitch, hit, and out he has recorded; he is also looking at footage of his mechanics over the years. [Tokyo Sports 10/26/2013]
  • The Carp met 3rd round draft pick Kosuke Tanaka (24) at JR Higashi Nihon baseball facilities in Chiba on Saturday.  Hiroshima feels Tanaka will be able to contribute to the team right away. [Daily Sports 10/26/2013]
  • 4th round draft pick Keita Nishihara (25) is a member of the Inspection Team in the Parts Department at Nichidai.  He works from 6:30am to 3:15pm.  After work, he suits up and practices until after 8:00pm.  He has a twenty-six-year-old wife and a son that was born earlier this month on the 3rd.  It was his goal to make it as a professional baseball player. [Daily Sports 10/26/2013] ... Has a forklift license. [Nikkan Sports 10/26/2013] ... His son's name is Shunsei. [Sponichi 10/26/2013]

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • 3rd round draft pick Hiromi Oka (22) is interested in being a pitcher/position player, but the Fighters will likely use him as a position player.  As a pitcher, he can top 152km/h.  As a position player, he has some pop and can run the fifty meter in 5.7 seconds. [Nikkan Sports 10/26/2013]

Orix Buffaloes

  • The Buffaloes drafted two players with the last name Yoshida.  They would ultimately like to give 1st round draft pick Kazumasa Yoshida (24) a special name and may, depending on how well he does in his first year, ask fans for suggestions, like they did with Takahiro Okada's registered name, T-Okada.  K. Yoshida received over eighty congratulatory e-mails after the draft.  He is currently preparing for the Industrial League Championships that begins on the 28th at Kyocera Dome. [Sponichi 10/26/2013]

Softbank Hawks

  • Softbank officials visited 4th round draft pick Seiji Uebayashi (18) on Saturday.  The Hawks are planning to give him a look as an infielder. [Nikkan Sports 10/26/2013]

Chiba Lotte Marines

  • 2nd round draft pick Yuta Yoshida (22) is from Chiba.  The first NPB game he saw was between Seibu and Lotte at QVC Marine when he was a third year elementary school student. [Nikkan Sports 10/26/2013] ... Yoshida recalled Tsutomu Ito being the catcher for Seibu in the first game he saw. [Sponichi 10/26/2013]

Seibu Lions

  • 1st round draft pick Tomoya Mori (18) spoke to Osaka Toin graduates Hideto Asamura and Takeya Nakamura over the phone -- Nakamura on Thursday and Asamura on Friday. [Sports Hochi 10/26/2013] ... Hanshin Tiger Shintaro Fujinami was a little disappointed the Tigers did not draft Mori. [Sponichi 10/26/2013]

Rakuten Eagles

  • There have been internal discussions about retiring Masahiro Tanaka's number if/when he leaves the team.  There have also been talks about giving 1st round draft pick Yuki Matsui (17)the number, if Tanaka approves.  Matsui may also get Tanaka's old dorm room at the Ni-gun facilities, number ten.  The room has been left open since Tanaka moved out.  This could be an indication that Tanaka will be heading to the US after the season. [Tokyo Sports 10/26/2013] ... The Eagles will likely sit down with Matsui once the Nippon Series ends. [Sanspo 10/26/2013]
  • 9th round draft pick Ryuta Konno (18) tossed a no-hitter and struck out sixteen during the summer Miyagi Tournament.  He is the first player to be drafted out of a high school in Miyagi. [Sports Hochi 10/26/2013] ... His goal is to hit 150km/h.  His current high is 146km/h.  [Nikkan Sports 10/26/2013]

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