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[10/31/2013] Draft News and Notes

by on Nov.01, 2013 @ 12:14 am, under NPB

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • Hideki Kuriyama feels 1st round draft pick Ryo Watanabe could be a Tomohiro Nioka type of player. [Sports Hochi 10/31/2013]

Orix Buffaloes

  • 1st round draft pick Kazumasa Yoshida started an Industrial League Tournament game against Osaka Gas on Thursday.  He gave up three runs on six hits over 6.2 innings of work.  He faced twenty-eight hitters, walked/hit one, and struck out five.  Hiroshi Moriwaki was in the stands watching the game. [Nikkan Sports 10/31/2013]
  • Team officials visited 4th round draft pick Satoshi Sonobe at Seiko Gakuin High School on Wednesday.  The Buffaloes are hoping Sonobe has a future as the team's clean-up hitter -- he hit fifty-nine home runs in high school. [Sports Hochi 10/31/2013]

Chiba Lotte Marines

  • Tsutomu Ito only plans to use 1st round draft pick Ayumu Ishikawa as a starting pitcher since that is what the team needs and because there will always be relief opportunities (and not always the other way around). [Sponichi 10/31/2013]

Rakuten Eagles

  • Hiroshi Abei (chief of the scouting department), Minoru Hayakawa (scout group manager), and Masahiko Goseki (scout) visited 1st round draft pick Yuki Matsui at Toko Gakuen High School on Thursday.  The Eagles spent about twenty minutes talking to Matsui. [Sponichi 10/31/2013]

Chunichi Dragons

  • 5th round draft pick Daisuke Sobue started an Industrial League Tournament game against Mitsubishi Juko Kobe on Thursday.  He gave up two runs on five hits over 5.1 innings of work and was on the losing end of a 2-1 game.  He faced twenty-two batters and walked/hit one and struck out nine. [Nikkan Sports 10/31/2013]

Hiroshima Carp

  • 2nd round draft pick Allen Kuri was named MVP and Top Pitcher of the 2013 Fall Tohto Baseball League. [Nikkan Sport 10/31/2013]

Hanshin Tigers

  • 1st round draft pick Yuta Iwasada pitched in a Kanto Regional University Tournament game on Thursday.  He was the losing pitcher in a 2-1 game against Jobu University.  He gave up two runs over nine innings, topped out at 146km/h and struck out thirteen. [Nikkan Sports 10/31/2013]
  • 2nd round draft pick Shintaro Yokota started as a softball player in elementary school before moving to baseball in junior high.  As a pitcher, he topped out at 141km/h.  As a hitter he hit twenty-six home runs in high school.  He will begin his pro career as an outfielder. [ZakZak 10/31/2013]
  • The Tigers visited 5th round draft pick Shoya Yamamoto at Oji Seishi in Kasugai, Aichi on Thursday. [Nikkan Sports 10/31/2013]