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[11/1/2013] Hiroshima Carp News and Notes

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Ryosuke Kikuchi took batting practice from both sides of the plate during workouts at Mazda Stadium on Thursday.  He will continue to hit from both sides of the plate during fall camp (during batting practice and scheduled practice games).  If the transition goes smoothly, he could begin playing as a switch-hitter next year.

Kikuchi started taking batting practice from the left side earlier this year after hitting coach Hiromasa Arai suggested it as a way to help him out of a slump.  He then decided to try converting to switch-hitter after the season ended.

Hitting from the left side is not new to Kikuchi.  He tried hitting left-handed while in elementary school, he hit left-handed in a number of games during high school, and gave it another try when he played college ball.  Being able to hit left-handed would allow Kikuchi to maximize his speed by taking advantage of the slightly shorter distance to first.

Source: Daily Sports 11/1/2013


Jumpei Shinoda's uniform number was reassigned to 1st round draft pick Daichi Osera.  He wore the number for six years, but understood the club's decision since he only pitched in eight games over the last two seasons -- he pitched in just one game this year since he was coming off left knee surgery.

Shinoda tossed about thirty pitches in the bullpen during workouts on Thursday.  He is hoping to land a spot in the starting rotation next year.  He plans to work out with a number of players, including Tomohiro Umetsu (HIR), Shunsuke Watanabe (LOT), Shuhei Furuya (LOT), and Yasutomo Kubo (HAN), in Ishigaki this off-season.

Source: Daily Sports 11/1/2013


The Carp decided to add Ikusei pitcher Ryosuke Ikenouchi to the seventy-man roster for the 2014 season.  He was rented to the Ehime Mandarin Pirates this season and went 12-5 with a 2.80 ERA in twenty-three games over 138.1 innings of work.

Source: official announcementDaily Sports 11/1/2013


New uniform number assignments:

Jumpei Shinoda: 14 > 21
Yoshihiro Maru: 63 > 9
Yuki Saito: 12 > 36
Hirofumi Ueno: 12 > 41
Ryosuke Ikenouchi: 121 > 68

Source: official announcement