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[11/2/2013] Nippon Series News and Notes

by on Nov.03, 2013 @ 2:56 am, under NPB

Announced Starters for Game 7

Toshiya Sugiuchi (Yomiuri) vs Manabu Mima (Rakuten)

Rakuten Eagles

Senichi Hoshino was ready to pull Masahiro Tanaka from the game, but the ace refused.

"Tanaka pitched so well for us this year and then suffers a loss.  I really appreciate [what he did for this team]. ... I told him we could go to the bullpen partway through, but he is gamer and said he wanted to go to the end. ... But we should feel lucky for this opportunity to see Tanaka lose.  Because he did not have any [this year].  Laugh or cry, this was his last [start for the series].  I think the players will step up.  Will the players be able to decide this tomorrow?," Hoshino said to reporters.

Source: Sponichi 11/2/2013


Manabu Mima threw fifty-one pitches in the bullpen on Friday in preparation for a possible Game 7 start.

Takahiro Norimoto could find himself in the bullpen on Sunday, depending on how he is feeling.

Source: Sponichi 11/2/2013, Sports Hochi 11/2/2013


Fans that could not purchase tickets to Game 6 watched it on the big screen set up outside Kleenex Stadium.  The organization was surprised at how many people ended up gathering outside the stadium.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/2/2013


According to Daily Sports, the Eagles have prepared 5,000 bottles of beer for a possible championship celebration.  Celebrations are scheduled to take place at the indoor training facilities next to Kleenex Stadium.

Source: Daily Sports 11/2/2013


About 1,000 fans greeted the team at Sendai Station on Friday.  Hoshino did not watch over practices at Kleenex Stadium since he had an appointment to get treatment for his chronic lower back pains.

Source: Daily Sports 11/2/2013, Sponichi 11/2/2013, Sanspo 11/2/2013

Yomiuri Giants

Tetsuya Utsumi could be available to pitch on Sunday.

Source: Sponichi 11/2/2013

3 comments on “[11/2/2013] Nippon Series News and Notes

  1. Arthur

    I can understand leaving your ace in when he’s pitching well, but letting him rack up 160 pitches when he’s not on his game? Smells fishy.

    1. John

      It’s probably his last game for the Eagles…maybe they just wanted to get as much mileage as possible from him while they can…!

      1. Arthur

        The weird thing is Rakuten had a chance to win that game. It was pretty clear Tanaka wasn’t pitching well in the 5th, I don’t know why they let him stay in for so long. Oh well, they finished the job eventually!

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