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[11/4/2013] Nippon Series News and Notes

by on Nov.05, 2013 @ 3:53 am, under NPB

Rakuten Eagles

Tokyo Sports reports that Andruw Jones drank Yomiuri's Jose Lopez under the table before the start of the Nippon Series.

Source: Tokyo Sports 11/4/2013

Yomiuri Giants

According to Tokyo Sports, there are some that feel Shinnosuke Abe failed as a catcher during the Nippon Series, particularly with regards to how he handled the pitching staff.  Some quotes from various unnamed baseball sources:

"Shima was calling pitches based on a short series, and it was difficult for our guys to figure out what was coming.  On the other hand, Shinnosuke was using the same patterns from the regular season.  We heard that kind of stuff coming from Rakuten, so that must be the reason why they hit us so hard." (Someone connected to the Giants)

"I wonder if he really considered pitches and patterns, or if he even thought about hitter types.  For example, Jones can handle fastballs, but he has a difficult time with off-speed pitches.  In Game 4, he hit a home run off Houlton on a fastball up.  Regardless of whether or not Houlton was on his game, if they went with off-speed pitches they should have been able to contain him.  It might be extreme, but they probably would have been ok just throwing pitching like the curve." (An advanced scout with another team)

Source: Tokyo Sports 11/4/2013


The Giants' team batting average during the Nippon Series was a dismal .182.  Sponichi posted a list of teams that finished Series play with team batting averages under .200.  All of them lost.

Team Gm AVG
1955 Nankai 7 .187
1964 Hanshin 7 .195
1966 Nankai 6 .187
1970 Lotte 5 .197
1973 Nankai 5 .185
1988 Chunichi 5 .195
1990 Yomiuri 4 .198
1999 Chunichi 5 .196
2001 Kintetsu 5 .171
2005 Hanshin 4 .190
2007 Nippon Ham 5 .147
2011 Chunichi 7 .155
2013 Yomiuri 7 .182

Source: Sponichi 11/5/2013