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[11/7/2013] Samurai Japan News and Notes

by on Nov.07, 2013 @ 11:28 pm, under Samurai Japan

Samurai Japan news and notes:

  • Takero Okajima will bat lead-off. [Daily Sports 11/7/2013]
  • Sho Nakata could end up being Samurai Japan's clean-up hitter through to the 2017 WBC.  He took thirty-two swings during batting practice on Wednesday and hit three over the fence.  He took fielding practice in left and third. [Daily Sports 11/7/2013]
  • Ginji and Hideto Asamura will bat three and five respectively.  Takero Okajima will likely bat lead-off, with Ryosuke Kikuchi in second for the first game of the series. [Sports Hochi 11/7/2013]
  • Ginji took fielding practice at first and third. [Sports Hochi 11/7/2013]
  • Yasuhiro Ogawa threw forty pitches in the bullpen on Wednesday. [Daily Sports 11/7/2013]
  • Ryoma Matsuda threw thirty-six pitches in the bullpen on Wednesday. [Daily Sports 11/7/2013]
  • Daichi Osera threw fifty pitches in the bullpen on Wednesday.  He will likely be used out of the bullpen for two to three innings. [Daily Sports 11/7/2013] ... He threw thirty-six pitches in the bullpen on Thursday. [Nikkan Sports 11/7/2013]
  • The rotation will likely go Ogawa, Yusuke Nomura, and Kazuku Mishima.  Yudai Ono, Takahiro Matsuba, Osera, and Ban Takagi will likely pitch in middle relief.  Shoichi Ino, Takahiro Matsunaga, Naoya Masuda, and Ryoma Matsuda will most likely pitch in the later innings -- setup and close. [Sports Hochi 11/7/2013]
  • The team arrived in Taiwan today and practiced Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium. [Sports Hochi 11/7/2013]


The starting pitcher match-ups could go:

Game 1: Yasuhiro Ogawa (Japan) vs Yao-Lin Wang (Taiwan)
Game 2: Yusuke Nomura (Japan) vs Fu-Te Ni (Taiwan)
Game 3: Kazuki Mishima (Japan) vs Chun-Lin Kuo (Taiwan)

Source: Sponichi 11/8/2013


Broadcast booth:

Game 1 (TV Asahi, 19:30-): Hisanobu Watanabe, Yoshinobu Takahashi
Game 2 (TBS, 18:55-): Kenjiro Nomura, Hiromi Makihara
Game 3 (TV Asahi, 18:56-): Hisanobu Watanabe, Shinya Miyamoto, Kimiyasu Kudo