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[11/8/2013] Toyama Shogyo High School: Student violence, school pulls out of games invite

by on Nov.09, 2013 @ 4:04 am, under High School

Toyama Shogyo High School was invited to play in a series of games by the Toyama High School Baseball Federation.  The media learned on Friday that the high school declined the invitation after they found out a second-year student on the team was exercising violence against a first-year teammate.  The incident was reported to the prefectural high school baseball federation.

According to reports, school officials learned late last month that a second-year student was exercising violence against a first-year teammate during practices.  The first-year teammate did not suffer any injuries.  The school has not released any other detailed information regarding what happened.

The second-year student has been punished and has apologized to the first-year teammate.

Source: KNBweb 11/8/2013, Nikkan Sports 11/8/2013