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[11/14/2013] NPB: Eight Players File Free Agent Options

by on Nov.14, 2013 @ 4:01 pm, under NPB

The NPB announced today that eight of eighty possible players filed their free agent options.  Teams will be allowed to approach these eight players on Friday.


NPB Free Agents

Name Pos Age Type 2013 Team 2013 Salary* FA Lvl Destination Compensation
Kataoka, Yasuyuki INF 30 Dom Seibu 95.00M B Yomiuri Wakiya Ryota + 40% 2013 salary
Kubo, Yasutomo P 33 Dom Hanshin 120.00M B Yokohama Tsuruoka, Kazunari + 40% 2013 salary
Nakata, Kenichi P 31 Dom Chunichi 70.00M C Softbank none
Ogasawara, Michihiro INF 40 Int Yomiuri 70.00M C Chunichi none
Otake, Kan P 30 Dom Hiroshima 100.00M A Yomiuri Ichioka, Ryuji + 50% 2013 salary
Tsuruoka, Shinya C 32 Dom Nippon Ham 76.00M B Softbank Fujioka, Yoshiaki + 40% 2013 salary
Wakui, Hideaki P 27 Dom Seibu 220.00M A Lotte Nakago, Taiki + 50% 2013 salary
Yamazaki, Katsuki C 31 Dom Softbank 34.00M C Orix none

* estimates posted by Nikkan Sports

3 comments on “[11/14/2013] NPB: Eight Players File Free Agent Options

  1. Lions fan

    Kataoka is a big loss for the Lions. When healthy, he’s one of the best players in Japan. Good luck to him.

  2. Burly

    Ryuji Ichioka is pretty fair compensation for Kan Otake straight up. Ichioka is only 22 and had a 1.10 ERA for the Giants’ farm team last year, with 15 saves, more strikeouts than innings pitched and a K/BB ratio of better than 4 to 1. In a couple of seasons, Ichioka could well be Hiroshima’s closer.

  3. Steve Novosel

    I’d guess we’re losing an outfielder in compensation. The protected list will be interesting, some big names will almost need to be left off. Like: either Ishimine or Okada.

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