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[11/14/2013] Tokyo Sports’ mini chat with Masahiro Tanaka

by on Nov.14, 2013 @ 4:42 pm, under NPB

Tokyo Sports posted the following conversation a reporter had with Masahiro Tanaka after he arrived on Tokyo Station on his way to Taiwan for the Asia Series.

How is it going?

What do you want?

Were you able to get any rest at your home in Sendai?

Not at all.  And the decision for me to go to Taiwan was made at the last minute.

Now that you are going to Taiwan, the overhaul you were scheduled to start on the 11th had to be canceled.

I will not comment on the decision for me to go to Taiwan.

It seems the new posting agreement will be approved shortly.  When do you think you will talk to the team?

I will not comment on that either.  I have not been contacted about yesterday's [JPBPA-NPB] meeting either.

Changing subjects, it seems you are gaming a lot lately.

Huh?  Are you talking about PawaPuro (Jikkyo Powerful Pro Yakyu 2013)?

You are playing PawaPuro on a portable gaming device.

I am using a PS Vita.  Mostly Success mode.  I'm a little disappointed about it including a pay system...

It is harder to create players with top scores in hitting, defense, and running.

Well, a lot of it is luck.  I am playing without paying into the system.

You post a lot of tweets about PawaPuro.  Lately, your tweets with AV actress Kokomi Naruse have become something of a hot topic.

Oh, that.  People around me told me that Naruse-san enjoyed my tweets about PawaPuro so I retweeted her.

You have ever met?

Of course not.  I don't know any AV actresses.  I'm not Darvish (laughter).

Have you ever seen her in anything?

No.  Seriously, no.  She just followed me so I followed her back.

You probably will not pitch in Taiwan, but good luck with the fans.

Yeah, sure.

Source: Tokyo Sports 11/14/2013