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[11/15/2013] FA Rumors: Kataoka, Nakata, Ogasawara, Otake, Tsuruoka, Wakui, Yamazaki

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Kenichi Nakata on becoming a free agent: "I would like to sit down with different kinds of teams.  There will, no doubt, be a lot to think about, but there is more to look forward to than to be worried about.  I think I will play for the team that makes me want to play for them."

Source: Daily Sports 11/15/2013

Nakata threw about ninety pitches in the bullpen at Nagoya Stadium on Thursday.

Source: Sponichi 11/15/2013


Kan Otake is not sure how many teams will contact him, but he plans to sit down with each and every one.

Source: Sponichi 11/15/2013


Orix Buffaloes

Team director Ryuzo Setoyama told reporters on Thursday they were interested in all free agent players.  However, they may be particularly interested in Yamazaki -- he can provide Hikaru Ito with some friendly competition.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/15/2013

Softbank Hawks

The Hawks met Nakata at a hotel in Nagoya today.  Their meeting lasted about ninety minutes.  They may have offered the free agent a three- to four-year deal.

"They said a lot of good things about me.  Their offer was based on performance. ... I was more interested in things like the environment and what it is like living in Fukuoka, than the terms of the deal," Nakata said about his discussions with the Hawks.

He also said that the Hanshin Tigers contacted him today.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/15/2013, Nikkan Sports 11/15/2013

The Hawks are scheduled to meet Okate in Hiroshima on Saturday.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/15/2013

Chiba Lotte Marines

The Marines could offer Wakui a two year deal worth 600 million yen.

Source: Sports Hochi 11/15/2013

Rakuten Eagles

The Eagles are scheduled to meet Kataoka on the 17th.

Source: Sponichi 11/15/2013

Yakult Swallows

The Swallows are planning to move quickly on Nakata and may have given him a call today.

Source: Sponichi 11/15/2013

Nakata is likely the only free agent player the Swallows are targeting this winter.

Source: Sanspo 11/15/2013

Yokohama Bay Stars

The Bay Stars may have given Kubo a phone call today to let him know of their interest.  Actual negotiations will likely begin some time after GM Shigeru Takada returns from Amami Oshima on the 17th.

The Bay Stars could offer Kubo a two-year deal worth an estimated maximum 300 million yen.  The Hanshin Tigers are thinking about raising their initial offer to keep the pitcher from leaving.

Source: Sponichi 11/15/2013, Sponichi 11/15/2013

Yokohama would like to sign at least one of the four pitchers on the free agent market.  They have their eye on Kubo and Nakata.

Source: Sanspo 11/15/2013

Chunichi Dragons

The Dragons only plan to release information about negotiations with free agents once terms are finalized.

Source: Sponichi 11/15/2013

They are said to be interested in Kataoka, Yamazaki, and Ogasawara.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/15/2013

Hanshin Tigers

The Tigers could go four years with Nakata because they will probably lose two starters (Jason Standridge and Yasutomo Kubo) this winter.

Source: Daily Sports 11/15/2013Daily Sports 11/15/2013

The Tigers will try to woo Nakata with a multi-year deal, a spot in the starting rotation, and the uniform number seventeen (unless there is another number he wants).  Softbank, Yakult, Yomiuri, and Orix are also said to be interested.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/15/2013

The Tigers could offer Nakata the number eighteen.  Softbank, Yomiuri, Yakult, and Yokohama are reportedly interested.

Source: Sanspo 11/15/2013

The Tigers have reportedly given up on Tsuruoka because they learned he wants to play closer to home.  They are scheduled to meet Nakata in Nagoya on the 17th.

Source: Sponichi 11/15/2013

Yomiuri Giants

The Giants are reportedly interested in Nakata, Otake, and Kataoka.  Tatsunori Hara is prepared to help the team with negotiations.

Source: Daily Sports 11/15/2013


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