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[11/15/2013] Softbank Hawks interested in Dae-Ho Lee

by on Nov.15, 2013 @ 4:00 pm, under NPB

The Softbank Hawks are interested in Dae-Ho Lee.

Sponichi is reporting that the Hawks could be preparing a three or more year deal with a base 400 million yen per season.

Sports Hochi thinks the Hawks could end up spending about 4.5 billion yen this winter if they manage to sign every player are currently targeting:

  • Kenichi Nakata (four years at max 700 million)
  • Kan Otake (four years at max one billion)
  • either Brian Wolfe or Jason Standridge (two years at 500 million)
  • Hideki Okajima
  • Shinya Tsuruoka (four years at max 700 million)
  • Dae-Ho Lee (three years at over 1.4 billion)

Tokyo Sports has heard the Hawks might be preparing a four-year deal worth 1.8 billion.

Source: Sponichi 11/15/2013, Sports Hochi 11/15/2013, Tokyo Sorts 11/15/2013