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[11/23/2013] NPB still unable to name new NPB comissioner

by on Nov.23, 2013 @ 11:08 am, under NPB

The NPB held an owner meeting in Tokyo on Friday.  Some notes about what went on during the meeting:

  • Katsuhiko Kumazaki, adviser to the commissioner, may be the front-runner for the job of NPB commissioner.
  • The CL has been pushing Kumazaki to replace Ryozo Kato.  The PL has not been able to narrow down their choice and might end up going along with Kumazaki due to time constraints.  However, an agreement could not be reached on Friday.
  • Three-quarters of the owners have to agree on one candidate.  The NPB is trying to elect a new commissioner before the end of the year.
  • If a new commissioner is not elected before the end of the year, Yokohama's Makoto Haruta will become interim commissioner.
  • The new BIS system the NPB has been working on should be ready by February 2015.
  • There was discussion on potential changes to the posting system proposal.  The owners currently have no demands or requirements.  They just want to arrive on an agreement as soon as possible.
  • An NPB rep could fly out to the US to continue negotiations.

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Former NPB commissioner Ryozo Kato's severance pay was reportedly about thirty million yen.

Source: Daily Sports 11/23/2013