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[12/5/2013] Posting System News and Notes from Japanese media

by on Dec.05, 2013 @ 12:14 pm, under NPB

Posting system news and notes:

  • Reports seem to indicate that eleven of twelve teams were ok with an upper limit of twenty million US dollars during the NPB meeting on Tuesday.  Regardless of the actual number, it seems a majority is willing to accept the new agreement.
  • Rakuten is not happy with the upper limit and was likely one of the team against the agreement.  They want a higher threshold.  The MLB may have threw in the ability for posted players to negotiate with multiple teams as an attempt to sweeten the deal for teams against the new agreement.
  • The Japan Professional Baseball Players Association will most likely approve the new agreement since it could give players the chance to speak to multiple teams.
  • Sponichi feels the current agreement is good for the MLB and the posted player, but not great for NPB teams, especially Rakuten.
  • Wednesday's telephone meeting with the MLB lasted about ninety minutes.
  • The two sides will talk again today and are expected to arrive at an agreement.
  • The two sides still need to work out how the "negotiate with multiple teams" thing is going to ultimately work out.
  • Just because the two sides agree on a new deal does not mean Rakuten will easily approve Tanaka's posting.

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