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[12/12/2013] The end of the Kansai Independent League (2009-2013)

by on Dec.12, 2013 @ 3:22 pm, under Independent

The Kansai Independent League will most likely fold.  Two of the three teams, the Hyogo Blue Sandars and 06 Bulls, have already submitted withdrawal notices from the league.  The remaining team, the Kishu Rangers, held a press conference today and told members of the media they were told the other two teams were withdrawing in November.  According league official Takeshi Kimura, a difference in opinion in league operations led to the departures.

The Hyogo Blue Sandars and 06 Bulls are planning to establish a new league with a third team.  The Kishu Rangers are switching gears and will attempt to to become an Industrial League team.

The Kansai Indepent League had problems with stability since its first year in 2009.  Ten different teams had been a part of the league over the years -- it began with three teams in 2009, expanded to five teams in 2011, and then contracted to three teams this year.  The Kishu Rangers were one of the four original teams (it should be noted that Kishu official/manager Takeshi Kimura, aka Takeshi Ishii, was also the league representative).

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/12/2013, Daily Sports 12/12/2013