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[12/25/2013] Masahiro Tanaka News and Notes

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Rakuten Eagles President Yozo Tachibana expressed continued dissatisfaction with the new posting system and questioned whether it was really good for Japanese yakyu. [Sports Hochi 12/25/2013]


Tanaka's interaction with media

How do you feel?

I really appreciate the organization's decision to accept my request.

What did you feel the moment the team preside told you?

Like I took another step forward.

What did you go through this last week?

I had fun in my own way.  I did not think too deeply about it.  I was not particularly worried.

When did you start thinking about the Majors?

I did not feel anything when I first turned pro.  It happened over time.

Will you be looking for anything in particular [when talking to MLB teams]?

That is something I will begin thinking about now.  The more teams I can speak to, the more options I have.

What do the last seven years in Sendai mean to you?

I got this far with help and support from the organization and fans.  That is without a doubt a part of my foundation.  I want to lock that away in my heart as I continue playing baseball.

Source: Sanspo 12/25/2013


Tachibana's interaction with the media

What are your thoughts right now?

This does not change the fact that he is an important part of this team.  He is one of Japan's best.  I told him again that I wanted him to stay.  I am not really sure how to feel with regards to all of this -- his desire to go and the organization's decision.

How did Tanaka look when you told him the team's decision?

I think he looked relieved.

What were owner [Hiroshi] Mikitani's thoughts?

He has wanted young players to take on the challenge of playing overseas, that has not changed.

When did the owner finalize his decision?

Officially, last night.

What did he say?

That we should support Tanaka's decision.  He said we should happily accept Masahiro Tanaka's success.

Are you still not satisfied with the new posting system?

This is very close to free agency.  There needs to be more discussion about whether this is actually a good thing for Japanese baseball.

How do you feel about letting him go?

He was a core member of the team for seven years.  I feel really sad about this, but I would to see him, with pride in Japan and Tohoku, go crazy in the Majors.

Source: Sanspo 12/25/2013


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