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[1/4/2014] Sanspo: Partial list of players that are scheduled to earn FA options this year

by on Jan.04, 2014 @ 2:27 pm, under NPB

Player JPN Player ENG Team Pos Age Estimate Days Remaining
西村 健太朗 Nishimura, Kentaro YOM P 28 Late-June 93 days
亀井 善行 Kamei, Yoshiyuki YOM OF 31 Late-August 145 days
能見 篤史 Nomi, Atsushi HAN P 34 Late-May 64 days
西岡 剛 Nishioka, Tsuyoshi HAN INF 29 Late-April 31 days
梵 英心 Soyogi, Eishin HIR INF 33 Late-June 92 days
山井 大介 Yamai, Daisuke CHU P 35 Mid-August 142 days
嶋 基宏 Shima, Motohiro RAK C 29 Late-August 145 days
岸 孝之 Kishi, Takayuki SEI P 29 Late-August 145 days
炭谷 銀仁朗 Sumitani, Ginjiro SEI C 26 Mid-August 140 days
成瀬 善久 Naruse, Yoshihisa LOT P 28 Mid-July 104 days
大松 尚逸 Omatsu, Shoitsu LOT INF 31 Mid-June 82 days
松田 宣浩 Matsuda, Nobuhiro SOF INF 30 Late-June 89 days
本多 雄一 Honda, Yuichi SOF INF 29 Mid-June 75 days
内川 聖一 Uchikawa, Seiichi SOF OF 31 Late-August 145 days
武田 勝 Takeda, Masaru HAM P 35 Early-April 5 days
木佐貫 洋 Kisanuki, Hiroshi HAM P 33 Early-June 71 days
宮西 尚生 Miyanishi, Naoki HAM P 28 Late-August 145 days
大引 啓次 Obiki, Keiji HAM INF 29 Late-August 145 days
金子 千尋 Kaneko, Chihiro ORI P 30 Mid-August 140 days
平野 佳寿 Hirano, Yoshihisa ORI P 29 Early-July 96 days


Source: Sanspo 1/4/2014


6 comments on “[1/4/2014] Sanspo: Partial list of players that are scheduled to earn FA options this year

  1. IM

    Some of these guys have already been signed through 2015. Shima and Honda have signed extensions recently. Any guesses as to which of these guys may be looking to switch teams after the 2014 season?

    1. Steve Novosel

      Ginjiro and Uchikawa have signed extensions as well, I think.

      Kaneko for sure will be looking to switch, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Naruse declare as well depending on how this season + team chemistry go.

    2. Gen Post author

      Orix’s Hirano has made comments that make it seem as though he might exercises his FA option. Matsuda signed a two-year deal, but it seems like he might have some interest in testing the market once the contract ends.

      I think the two most interesting names on the list are Naruse and Kaneko. I think a lot of teams will be watching them this season.

    3. IM

      Looks like Kishi is off the board too.
      Definitely Naruse and Kaneko would help any team, just hoping it will be anyone but the Giants

    4. Gen Post author

      ZakZak posted an article about potential free agents. Some of the things mentioned in the article:

      – Chihiro Kaneko was originally a Giants fan (Yoshinobu Takahashi fan) and might be open to signing with them.
      – Yoshihisa Hirano will most likely test the market.
      – Yoshihisa Naruse could end up testing the market depending on how things go this year.
      – Ginjiro Sumitani and Toru Hosokawa could test the market. The Tigers and Dragons might be interested.


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