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[1/12/2014] Rakuten Eagles News and Notes

by on Jan.12, 2014 @ 11:48 pm, under NPB

The media learned on Saturday that Manabu Mima (27) was going to file marriage papers with twenty-six-year-old talent Anna Santos today.  The two met in 2011 through a common acquaintance and starting dating in August of the same year.

Source: Daily Sports 1/12/2014

The Eagles made an announcement about the marriage today.

Source: official announcement


The 2013 draft class appeared on a sports TV program in Sendai on 11th.  They were each given buttons to push as indications of a positive response and were then asked a number of questions.  One of the questions was whether they had dreams of going to the Majors.  Three indicated they were interested -- the buttons are not supposed to be linked to names to keep responses "anonymous."  1st round draft pick Yuki Matsui did not reveal what his answer was, but did say that he wanted to push himself by competing at high levels.

Source: Daily Sports 1/12/2014Sanspo 1/12/2014Sponichi 1/12/2014


Shuttle runs were a part of today's training camp exercises for the 2013 draft class.  8th round draft pick Susumu Aizawa led the 2013 draft class with 129.  1st round draft pick Matsui came in second with 122.

Source: Sports Hochi 1/12/2014


Andruw Jones could end up becoming doubling as a part-time coach this season, according to Tokyo Sports.

Source: Tokyo Sports 1/12/2014


The Eagles received 132 applications for their 2014 cheerleading team.  Forty-six made it to the final stage.  Twenty-four were selected and six were designated as members in training.

Source: official announcementSports Hochi 1/12/2014


A Mercedes-Benz suddenly went up in flames a short distance away from Kobo Stadium at around 2:00pm today.  It took firefighters about twenty minutes to put out the flames.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/12/2014