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[1/14/2014] Yakult Swallows: Wladimir Balentien arrested on domestic violence charges

by on Jan.14, 2014 @ 2:15 pm, under NPB

According to a report by the Associated Press, Wladimir Balentien was arrested on domestic violence charges.  He is facing a felony false imprisonment charge and a misdemeanor battery charge after a confrontation with his wife.  The two are currently going through a divorce.

A snip from the AP report:

According to a police affidavit, Karla Balentien refused to answer the door or her phone when Wladimir Balentien arrived at the house Sunday. Wladimir Balentien then pulled out several window screens and climbed into the house through a dining room window.

Balentien grabbed his wife's arm as she was running upstairs, police said, and then followed her into a bedroom and locked the door. The couple's young daughter was also there.

Source: Associated Press (ABC News) 1/14/2014 (thanks to Reece for the link)

The Yakult Swallows held a press conference at the team offices this morning.  Owner Tsuyoshi Kinugasa apologized for the disruption and said that they were still in the process of confirming the facts.

"I apologize for the distraction.  The organization is concerned.  What the [Japanese] media knows of the case is exactly the same as what we know.  Preparations are being made for him to meet with a lawyer.  We will speak to the media again once we have enough information."

When asked about Balentien's contract, Kinugasa said, "We will probably think about [the contract] once we have chance to meet with him directly [in the United States] to confirm facts."

Manager Junji Ogawa dropped by the offices in the morning and told reporters he was still unable to provide a comment.

Source: Daily Sports 1/14/2014, Sports Hochi 1/14/2014, Nikkan Sports 1/14/2014

On a side note, Tokyo Sports mentions that there have been rumblings of possible domestic problems.  Gossip magazine FLASH published an article last September that contained information from a Japanese woman that allegedly had an affair with Balentien that lasted over three years.

Source: Tokyo Sports 1/14/2014

[UPDATE 1/15 @ 12:06am]

KIRIN Brewery Company pulled a commercial that featured Balentien on Tuesday.  The ad campaigned was set to run through to the 17th.

The Swallows held a second press conference on Tuesday and informed the media of additional they were able to obtain from Balentien's agent.

"Balentien went to see his wife and they were talking outside when he suggested they move the conversation inside because people might be watching.  He apparently told his lawyer that he forced his wife into the house after she resisted, perhaps because she wanted to stay outside, and that may have been the start," Kinugasa explained.  He also said Balentien's lawyer applied for bail.

With regards to Balentien's contract, Kinugasa said, "The organization has not yet reached that stage.  We still want more information."

Source: Daily Sports 1/14/2014

20 comments on “[1/14/2014] Yakult Swallows: Wladimir Balentien arrested on domestic violence charges

  1. Steve Novosel

    Jeez. You know, I am not so young and should know better, but I had high expectations for Balentien to be a player I could enjoy watching and cheer for for years. Now? What fools we are.

    I’m so terribly, terribly disappointed. I can deal with PEDs and all that junk but domestic violence is the mark of just a bad human being. I can’t support guys like that at all.

  2. Dennis

    Steve, if there was a “Like” button on this site, I would probably pound a hundred times on your post.

  3. brad

    do you guys read the article. he didnt hit or strike anyone. he grabbed her arm. he seemed he was trying to talk to her. im thinking if he didnt hit her or anything like that it was just a fight between couples. there are 3 sides to a story. yours, mine and the truth. how do you know she didnt hit his car with a bat and he stopped her. so sad people like you that just judge without knowing the facts. sad sad. for all we know they were in the bedroom doing their thing and because someone called the cops she figured she can get more money from him if she gets him arrested so went into a acting mode like most girls do.

    1. Steve Novosel

      Brad, if you are expecting to find anyone to be sympathetic to the sort of situation that Balentien put himself into you will be sorely disappointed. Decent human beings don’t put themselves in a position to get arrested for misdemeanor battery and felony false imprisonment. These are not minor charges. I can tell you have little experience with people who commit these sorts of acts – it’s very rarely made up.

      And in case you think this is in fact just a case of her making something up, the police were called by a witness.

      The only person to blame for this is Balentien. Period.

  4. Burly

    Does NPB have a testing regime for PEDs? A record-setting home run season immediately followed by a domestic violence charge certainly raises my eyebrows.

  5. brad

    you need to research the charges. if you hold anyone for over a second falls under the charges. so last time you got mad at your kid and grabbed them you fall under the same charges. you might want to google a little more before you talk. if you put your kid in a corner you fall under the same charges. if you walked your kid into the house you fall under the same charges. if you grabbed your wifes arm to pull her back to give her a kiss you fall under the same charges. read up a little on the charges before you feel all mighty. a witness called yes. so if i called on you grabbing your kid and you put them in the car and made them stay in the car while you rented a dvd you would fall under the same charges as well. so your just as guilty as he is. so get off your high horse and welcome to the real world. since you dont seem so bright ill break it down for you. if you hold anyone for over 1 sec you will fall into the same charges as listed above. talk big think small.

    one last thing. did you notice there was no B&E charge. HMMMM. should i break that down for you too? It means that it was his house as well, so im going to go out on a limb and say (his wife locked him out of his own house). hmm none of us have ever been there! im sure. he didnt break in, he didnt hit her, but break out the lumber lets burn him at the stake. he must be a witch. people like you were popular back in the day.

    1. Steve Novosel

      Calm down there, Brad.

      “if i called on you grabbing your kid and you put them in the car and made them stay in the car while you rented a dvd you would fall under the same charges as well”

      No, because that would never lead to charges. People aren’t automatically arrested and thrown in jail on felony charges just because someone calls the police.

      I find it sad that you are blinded by your fandom of this pro athlete who in all likelihood is a bad guy. Maybe he’s not, who knows. But these sorts of charges, these sorts of situations don’t tend to happen to good guys. I suggest you talk to people who have been victims of domestic violence, see what sorts of situations they were in and what they put up with. Abusers do this sort of thing, not good guys.

  6. brad

    you need to research the charges. all you got to do is google them. stop talking like you know because well obviously you have no clue.

    since you cant figure out how to use google i thought i would help. you are quick to preach but not smart enough to open a bible.

    Misdemeanor & Felony False imprisonment

    False imprisonment involves confinement without another person’s consent, with or without the use of force or threat or force, and can occur irrespective of duration, but all of these factors affect the level of classification of the charge. False imprisonment can occur within seconds, or over a period of hours or days. The primary distinction between false imprisonment and kidnapping is that in the former, the person being detained is not moved from one place to another, while in the latter, transportation, however slight, becomes kidnapping, a much more serious offense.

    1. brad

      see you thought because the word felony was in it that it was a big deal but it is actually the name of the charge.

      note- with or without force
      note- within seconds or days

      therefore. if you were to grab your wife and tell her to stay here (you just fell under the charge) you dumb ass now you might have told her to stay here so you could give the people in the house time to prepare for her surprise party but hey. you just did the crime.

      they were fighting. making noise. someone called. the wife figured it was her chance to get paid more.

      unless it states he struck her im not changing my opinion. girls push and push, to grab her and hold her from leaving. we all have dont that!!! trying to talk or say sorry or whatever. maybe he went there to ask her back or try to beg for forgiveness. how can you be so quick to judge. other than being a idiot and having no education or religion you are probably a good guy.

    2. Steve Novosel

      You know Brad, this is not my site and I am not going to dictate how people should comment here, but if you are going to address me like:

      “since you cant figure out how to use google i thought i would help. you are quick to preach but not smart enough to open a bible.”

      We are done talking. I’m not interested in talking with someone who is rude enough to call me stupid because he disagrees with me.

      Grow up, Brad.

  7. brad

    Your Immediate arrest and incarceration in jail when the police respond to a domestic violence call. Washington state has a mandatory arrest law for cases relating to domestic violence. This law requires that the police make an arrest when responding to a DV call if there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed. This is true even if you have no criminal history, the accusations are just one person’s word against yours, there are no injuries, or the accusations are relatively minor.

    note. just can be a word against yours.

    meaning they have to arrest you no matter what if they are called out on a dv.

    so if i lived next to you i could call if i hear anything and if it looks like your wife was crying you go straight in.

  8. brad

    hey look at this

    One Million False Allegations of Domestic Violence Each Year, Report Finds

    report below

    but hey its only a million. small numbers. nothing major. if it was a million and 5 i would take it serious.

    my point is.
    we dont know what happened. we dont know how serious. so dont jump. what if she had a gun and wanted to kill herself and he stopped her and then she freaked and told the cops he held her. now he is in jail she is free and kills herself. would you be right? or would you just say ohhh. well the police report says he is wrong.

    1. muratafan


      You lost ALL creditability with the phrase

      “because someone called the cops she figured she can get more money from him if she gets him arrested so went into a acting mode like most girls do.”

      Most girls call the cops to get more money?

      Okey, dokey, then.

  9. brad

    hold on let me break out the violin and play you a sad sad song since you can not handle a grown up conversation and it seems i hurt your little feelings. hold on let me play a bit………………….

    hope you feel better now. all i can say at this point is

    if the shoe fits

    you know the rest im sure. or should i spell that out for you too??

    1. muratafan

      Hey Einstein,

      The point is this: you bring up a statistic that there are 1,000,000 false charges. I bring up a statistic that basically states the ratio of real domestic violence to false domestic violence is somewhere in the area of 100:1. Chances are pretty good that there is SOME merit to the charges. Plus, what Steve said was ‘why even get into that situation in the first place.’ The overwhelming majority of divorces do NOT involve domestic violence charges.

      You seem like a real stand-up guy. BTW, if you want to discuss statistics, let’s do so. Would love to hear your statistical background/degree, etc..

    2. Steve Novosel

      Seriously Brad – take the time to step back and realize that this is now how adults communicate.

      One of the lovely things about the NPB fan community is that it is small and friendly. We don’t need any of this name calling and insults junk. It’s not welcome.

  10. brad

    we can go back and forth all week. i will state one more time. since you guys dont seem to be the sharpest marble.

    the charges are very low lv. anyone who grabbed their wife or child and held them for over 1 sec can be charged the same. cops must arrest someone when called on a dv call if it seems there was any evidence of a altercation.

    it did not say anything about B&E so that means its still his house. it didnt say he actually hit her.

    so until i hear otherwise. i am taking it as he went there. fought with her. someone called the cops. the cops showed. they had to arrest him.

    so yet again until the facts come out im not jumping to nothing. if he hit her then i will no longer support him but if he didnt then i will see her as just another girl trying to get more than just half.

  11. brad

    violin is out again for you. if your community was so tight why would you turn on a guy so quick. without hearing both sides. age isnt the issue its loyalty. look it up. you want to be heard but you are deaf. speak your mind but dont mind what you speak type deal.

    and you worry about age. LMFAO. lets do the pitty party again. that was funner.

  12. Gen Post author

    I have decided to close the comments on this thread because it appears to be getting out of hand.

    I can understand Brad’s argument that people should not just to conclusions, but I am also someone, like Steve, that was very disappointed in the news. Regardless of what the situation was, they were going through a divorce, Balentien should never have lifted a finger toward his wife. He should have known that anything negative he did would immediately go against him. And his divorce lawyer probably told him something similar.

    Also, I will not stand rude users. Constructive arguments are fine. People are entitled to their own opinions. But there is no room for belittling or name-calling, just because someone doesn’t agree with you.

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