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[1/20/2014] NPB Executive Committee Meeting; High School/University Coaching Licenses

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The NPB held an executive committee meeting in Tokyo on Monday.   Among the items discussed/decided:

  • The Yakult Swallows gave an update on Wladimir Balentien.
  • The subcommittee placed in charge of proposing reforms by going over governance issues outlined by the third party panel that investigated changes made to the standard baseball provided a report on their progress.  A more detailed discussion will take place during a special owner meeting in April.
  • Investigation/Arbitration Committee -- Lawyer Motonari Otsuru (58) was named the new chairman, Certified Public Accountant Yoshitaka Kato (54) and former Yakult Swallow Shinya Miyamoto (43) were added as new members.
  • Updates to the Central and Pacific League Agreement were approved.  Changes include specifications for the standard baseball's coefficient of restitution (from 0.4134-0.4374 to 0.4034-0.4234) and replays on close plays on baseballs caught up against the outfield wall.

Source: Daily Sports 1/20/2014Sports Hochi 1/20/2014Asahi Shimbun 1/20/2014


The Japan Student Baseball Association's (JSBA) Credentials Committee met on Monday and reviewed applications for former professional baseball players that were interested in coaching at the high school and university level.  The committee went over 228 applications and passed 208.

Applicants that passed that wish to coach at the high school level will have to provide the Japan High School Baseball Federation with a list of regions they want to work in.  Their names will then be listed at each of the individual regional federation websites.  Schools interested in hiring the applicant can negotiate with them directly.  Applicants interested in coaching at the university level will be listed at the All Japan University Baseball Federation website.

Source: official announcementSponichi 1/20/2014

[UPDATE 1/21 @ 10:50pm]

To clarify, 228 people took the training courses offered by the NPB and the JSBA.  Of the 228 people that took the training courses, 208 submitted applications for their licenses (so this was not an issue of passing as I originally wrote above).  If the remaining twenty people submit applications for their licenses, they will have to wait until the next review on March 4.