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[1/25/2014] Sanspo: NPB teams finish signing Japanese players

by on Jan.25, 2014 @ 10:11 pm, under NPB

According to Sanspo, NPB teams finished signing all their Japanese players on the 24th.  Yomiuri's payroll increased by more than 200 million yen while Rakuten's dropped by about 150 million.

The tables below are taken from the Sanspo article. The financial numbers are best estimates. The team payrolls only include salaries for Japanese players (not including Ikusei).

Team Payrolls

Team Payroll Players
Yomiuri 4.041B 59
Softbank 2.816B 57
Chunichi 2.297B 63
Hanshin 2.205B 62
Lotte 2.152B 59
Nippon Ham 2.151B 63
Orix 2.078B 63
Seibu 1.909B 61
Yakult 1.709B 60
Rakuten 1.689B 58
Hiroshima 1.621B 61
Yokohama 1.476B 61

Top Five Salaries

Player Pos Team Salary
Abe, Shinnsoke C YOM 600M
Sugiuchi, Toshiya P YOM 500M
Utsumi Tetsuya P YOM 400M
Settsu, Tadashi P SOF 400M
Iwase, Hitoki P CHU 370M

Source: Sanspo 1/25/2014


One comment on “[1/25/2014] Sanspo: NPB teams finish signing Japanese players

  1. muratafan

    Wow, Tanaka will make more by himself (around $22.4m/year) than almost 10 NPB clubs! Only Softbank and Giants pay more for their entire teams than the Yankees are paying for Tanaka.

    Thanks for a really useful summary.

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