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[1/27/2014] Chunichi Dragons, Yokohama Bay Stars, Yakult Swallows

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Chunichi Dragons

Pitching coach Yui Tomori told Yuta Muto to drop his weight from ninety-four to eighty-five during the off-season.  Muto only managed to make it to eighty-eight.  Tomori told reporters he was going to make sure he lost the remaining three to four kilograms during the first two or three days of spring camp.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/27/2014


Hector Luna, Daniel CabreraNelson PayanoAnderson HernandezAlexis Gomez, and Leandro Mella arrived at Chubu International Airport out of the Dominican Republic on Sunday.  They will head to Okinawa for spring camp on the 28th and resume workouts on the 29th.

Source: Daily Sports 1/27/2014

Gomez is confident in his power and is a candidate to bat clean-up.  Hernandez would like to play short.  Luna prefers third base, but will most likely end up at first.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/27/2014Nikkan Sports 1/27/2014, Nikkan Sports 1/27/2014

According to Tokyo Sports, there are some concerns about Luna's knee.  Off-season surgery was taken off the table as an option, not because the knee was fully healed, but because he did not want it.  The Dragons want him at first to keep as much strain off the knee as possible, since they know the harder playing surfaces in Japan (read: artificial turf) are not good for it.  He did not take the position change well last season.

Source: Tokyo Sports 1/27/2014

Yokohama Bay Stars

Jorge Sosa arrived at Narita Airport out of the Dominican Republic today.  His flight lasted eighteen hours, with a stopover in Dallas, Texas.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/27/2014, Daily Sports 1/27/2014

Tony Blanco also arrived at Narita Airport today.

Source: Daily Sports 1/27/2014


Kiyoshi Nakahata is not worried about losing Shinya Tsuruoka to the Hanshin Tigers.  He feels good enough about Toshiki Kurobane and Shuto Takajo.  He is also excited about 3rd round draft pick Hiroki Minei's potential.

Source: Daily Sports 1/27/2014

Nakahata is planning to use Hisanori Takahashi as a starting pitcher.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/27/2014

Yakult Swallows

2013 draft class training camp ended today.

1st round draft pick Toshihiro Sugiura and 4th round draft pick Keiji Iwahashi tossed bullpen sessions to squatting catchers.  Sugiura threw about fifty pitches.

Source: Sanspo 1/27/2014