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[1/29/2014] Nikkan Sports: Implicit MLB rules Masahiro Tanaka might want to know

by on Jan.29, 2014 @ 9:38 pm, under MLB

Nikkan Sports compiled a list of things Masahiro Tanaka might want to keep tucked in the back of his mind as he prepares for his first year in the Majors.  Some are general, some are specific to being a rookie, and some are specific to being a Yankee.

General, on the field manners

  1. Do no celebrate after striking a hitter out
  2. Do not stare down teammates if they commit an error
  3. If removed from the game in the middle of an inning, remain in the dugout until the inning is over
  4. Pitchers can pick their spot in the dugout on days they are starting games and usually sit away from other players
  5. Pitchers tend to hit opposing batters if one of their own is hit
  6. When hitting an opposing hitter as retaliation, stay away from the head and surrounding areas
  7. When an altercation takes place, everyone is required to get out the dugout and onto the field

Rookie Manners

  1. When players go out to eat at the start of the season, the meals are paid for by the player with the highest salary
  2. When going back to the clubhouse during a game, always ask other players if there is anything you can get for them
  3. When traveling, wait until the veterans take their seats before finding a place to sit
  4. When traveling, rookies have to serve the other players beverages (this is one of their jobs)
  5. Be prepared to entertain in case other players ask (like sing or dance or do an impression)
  6. Rookies on every team are forced to dress up at some point near the end of the season

Yankee Manners

  1. Facial hair is not allowed, except for maybe mustaches
  2. Rookies are forced to dress up during the last road trip of the season
  3. Derek Jeter should not be kept waiting so everyone should board the bus before him
  4. Jeter likes to give new players nicknames
  5. Players do not wear the caps backward
  6. Players do not eat or drink in the clubhouse at Yankee Stadium
  7. Star players often tip the staff

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/29/2014

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