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[2/10/2014] Masahiro Tanaka News and Notes

by on Feb.10, 2014 @ 2:06 pm, under MLB

The latest on Masahiro Tanaka, from Monday, February 10, 2014.

  • Tanaka's people booked the charter flight.  It was a Boeing 787 that may have cost over 100 million yen.  Source: Daily Sports 2/10/2014
  • Sponichi has a lower estimate of about twenty million yen.  Source: Sponichi 2/10/2014
  • Sanspo has the estimate in between the two at fifty million yen.  They also note that while the Boeing 787 seats 186, there were probably less than ten passengers.  There were three for certain: Tanaka, his wife, and Yoshiki Sato (assistant/PR rep).  The plane departed at 5:53pm.  Source: Sanspo 2/10/2014
  • Tanaka and his wife left for the airport at around 6:00am on Sunday morning.  They were expecting the trip to take about two hours, but the snow from the previous day caused major delays and the couple arrived at the airport over six hours later than expected.  Source: Daily Sports 2/10/2014
  • Tanaka arrived at JFK International Airport at around 4:30pm on Sunday.  He may have met with Yankee officials at the airport and left with them through personnel exits.  About 100 members of the media waited for him in lobby, but he never showed.  Boxes and luggage (about fifty pieces) did make an appearance.  Source: Nikkan Sports 2/10/2014Sponichi 2/10/2014, Sanspo 2/10/2014

Sanspo has posted some more of Tanaka's press conference at Narita Airport on Sunday.

Your ride out here took a while because of the snow.

It did take time, but I am glad we got here safely.  It took eight and a half hours.  Breaks?  We stopped once along the way.  The rest was sitting inside a car, so I got in a little sleep.

What will you say at the press conference with the Yankees?

I have not thought about it yet.  Probably the same stuff I have been saying.  I think I will be fine if I say what is on my mind,

Will you do the press conference in English or Japanese?

I am not sure.

What are your thoughts on spring camp?

I just have to do what I can do.  I have been tossing bullpen sessions on the first day, but I think I might try to take things slower.

What flight are you taking?

Private jet (chartered flight).  The Yankees did not prepare it for me.

What is the one of the most important things you packed?

My idol DVDs.  Since everyone mentions it.

Source: Sanspo 2/10/2014