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[2/13/2014] Hiroshima Carp News and Notes

by on Feb.14, 2014 @ 12:27 am, under NPB

Name Type Date NP Notes
Allen Kuri Bullpen 2/13 122 Sponichi 2/13/2014
Allen Kuri Bullpen 2/12 ~150 Sponichi 2/13/2014


Quick Notes

  • Thursday was the end of the third block of camp.
  • Eishin Soyogi and Rainel Rosario are scheduled to join Ichi-gun camp on the 15th.  Source: Sponichi 2/13/2014
  • 2nd round draft pick Allen Kuri is scheduled to toss batting practice scrimmage on the 15th.  Source: Sponichi 2/13/2014


Kenta Maeda is free to change his display name to just his last name, since he is now the lone Maeda on the team (the other Maeda, Tomonori, retired after last season).  A number of the younger players have also taken to calling him Maeda-san, but he wants no part of it, since he believes there can only ever be one Maeda on Hiroshima (the aforementioned Tomonori Maeda).  As such, he is asking people to call him Mae-Ken.  He also wants to continue using MaedaKen (前田健) as his display name.

Source: Tokyo Sports 2/13/2014