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[2/19/2014] Nico Nicho Nama Hoso to stream 288 games this season

by on Feb.19, 2014 @ 11:22 pm, under NPB

Dwango and Niwango announced today that Nico Nicho Nama Hoso will stream every home game for the Yokohama Bay Stars, Rakuten Eagles, Softbank Hawks, and Orix Buffaloes (288 games in all).  The streams will be available for free, from start to end.

Source: Sponichi 2/19/2014

Note: There are usually a limited number of free view slots available for popular streams.  Premium memberships, that come with priority view slots, are available at 525 yen a month.

7 comments on “[2/19/2014] Nico Nicho Nama Hoso to stream 288 games this season

  1. mike

    Do they note if the streams are in-Japan only?

    Even if that’s the case, it bodes well for Justin.tv reflector feeds. Goody! Now I wonder about next-day timeshift viewing, hmmmm

  2. chris

    Just tried to sign up, wouldn’t let me see it. Just to try, I tried changing my region to Japan and it is saying that I am unable to view due to discrepancies between my computer time and the specified time I put in… and my search to watch NPB games continues…

    1. muratafan

      Have you tried Keyhole TV? Pretty easy to install and has plenty of channels on it….it’s not ‘NPB on demand’ so to speak BUT it does provide an opportunity to watch NPB. It does, however, pretty assure you of being able to watch Fuji TV’s NPB baseball highlights show.

      Also, Justin.tv isn’t too bad, lots of hunting and searching, but once you find a feed, it’s usually pretty good. The only problem is if you are, say, a Rakuten Eagles fan (this is my case), then finding streams on Justin.tv are a bit more difficult. Tigers, Giants, Dragons game are almost always on Justin.tv

      1. chris

        Justintv is my default. I’m a Fighters fan, which seems to be impossible lol. There was a twitter feed called spartiecat, who used to post links to Fighters games. However, the last year or so he seems to have stopped, leaving me more or less on my own finding games. The big issue for me is always that I live in NJ, so I need the games to be recorded, live streams don’t help much in my time zone.

        Steve Novosel(sp?) had mentioned to me a while back that he was thinking about putting a “how-to” sign up for NPB TV guide on his blog. You have to pay and it’s technically for Japan residents only, but if I can do it and it allows me to watch every Fighters game AND isn’t crazy expensive, then I think it’s worth it. I haven’t seen it on his blog though, not that I check it every day since I’m not a Marines fan ;).

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