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[2/27/2014] Yakult Swallows: Sanspo interviews Yoshinori Sato

by on Feb.28, 2014 @ 7:55 am, under NPB

Sanspo posted an interview with Yoshinori Sato on Tuesday that was conducted by Daisuke Araki.

Araki: It must be fun being able to throw hard.

Yoshinori: Yes.  I can't even begin to say how much better things are in comparison to how things were during camp last year.  I was at place where I didn't even want to play catch if I felt the slightest hint of uncertainty.  I also didn't like throwing in the rain.  The pain is gone now and I always want the ball because I'm having so much fun.

Araki: That's really important because if there's something holding you back, it'll show when you pitch.  Is there anything you're afraid of throwing?

Yoshinori: No.  I think I actually have a better feel in the tips of my fingers for breaking pitches, they seem easier to throw.

Araki: You also threw some sliders.

Yoshinori: Sometimes I get better rotation in my hips when I throw the fastball after I throw the slider.

Araki: When you throw a breaking pitch, you hold things back a little.  That might be helping [the fastball].  For me, it was the curve.  Those are the kinds of things you need to figure out by yourself.

Yoshinori: Yes.

Araki: What are your plans moving forward?

Yoshinori: I think I need to get my pitch count up to about a hundred.  I think I'll have to throw a hundred or more three or four time before I start facing hitters.  Maybe pitch in a live environment near the end of March and build things up by pitching in Ni-gun games.

Source: Sanspo 2/25/2014