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[3/7/2014] Hanshin Tigers: Tokyo Sports interviews Randy Messenger

by on Mar.07, 2014 @ 7:27 pm, under NPB

Tokyo Sports posted an interview they conducted with Randy Messenger.

You considered returning to the Majors, but signed a contract with Hanshin.

We made it to the Climax Series twice over the last four years.  Both times, we lost during the First Stage.  I'd like to win and make it to the Nippon Series with Hanshin.

How did you feel after deciding to return to Japan to play?

My motivation is up since I decided to return to Hanshin.  My workouts have gone well since the start of camp.

The Yomiuri Giants won the Central League without much of a fight.

They are the defending champs.  They're solid on defense, offense, they have it all.  They're a scary team.

You did not get a start against the Giants last year.  When you arrived in Japan in January, you spoke about wanting a start against them.

Of course.  Teams that win have everything, good pitchers and position players.  That is why I always want to pitch against the Giants.

Are you close to Shintaro Fujinami?

We talk a lot.  Pitching Coach Kiyooaki Nakanishi, Pitching Coach Takashi Yamaguchi, and Atsushi Nomi, we're all taking care of him this year.

Will Fujinami experience the sophomore jinx?

Probably not.  But last season,he was always going all out.  It seemed like he was always trying hard...  I think he'd do better if he figured out how to read and react to situations accordingly.

What are you goals for the season?

As a team, of course a championship.  I want to improve on the twelve games I won last year.  I'd like to do better in every statistical category, not just for myself, but for the team as well.  That's it.

Source: Tokyo Sports 3/7/2014