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[4/21/2014] Standard Baseball, Base Walls, New NPB Deputy Director General

by on Apr.21, 2014 @ 10:48 pm, under NPB

The NPB and Mizuno conducted additional tests on stored baseballs.  The NPB announced that they managed to discover about another 300 boxes of baseballs that fell within the guidelines set by the league.  That puts the total boxes of "certified" baseballs at about 1,500.

The league will switch over to the certified balls once the NPB and Mizuno confirm that newly manufactured baseballs satisfy the necessary requirements.

Source: Sanspo 4/21/2014, Sports Hochi 4/21/2014, Sponichi 4/21/2014


As part of the league's eightieth anniversary Future Samurai Project, the NPB will donate "base walls" to selected elementary schools and parks located in each of the twelve home regions -- one each in Hokkaido, Miyagi, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Aichi, Osaka, Hyogo, Hiroshima, and Fukushima and two in Tokyo.  The NPB will accept applications for locations between May 12 and July 11.  Final decisions will be posted on August 4.

Base Walls are made from a special urethane and stand 2.7 meters high and 7.2 meters wide.  They have a steal pipe frame for support and feature an image of a batter and a strike zone split into nine squares.  Kids will be able to throw balls off the "wall" for practice.  The NPB would ideally like to install these in all forty-seven prefectures in Japan.

Source: Sanspo 4/21/2014, Sports Hochi 4/21/2014, Daily Sports 4/21/2014, Jiji Press 4/21/2014, Asahi Shimbun 4/21/2014


Hiromasa Kamo was named the new NPB Deputy Director General on Monday.

Source: Sanspo 4/21/2014


The Japan Baseball Promotion Association announced that the 20th Diawa House All Japan Boys and Girls Baseball Clinic will take place on May 11, 2014.  The clinic will be open to about 12,000 kids at forty-eight locations in the forty-seven prefectures in Japan.  Additional information came be found at the announcement link below.

Source: official announcement