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[4/22/2014] Yakult Swallows: Yasuhiro Ogawa briefly talks to the media about his injury

by on Apr.22, 2014 @ 8:47 am, under NPB

Sanspo has posted a portion of Yasuhiro Ogawa's interaction with the media after he found out that he had a fracture in his hand.

What are your thoughts after finding out you had a fracture?

I had a feeling it might be broken, so I wasn't really surprised.  It could have been career-ending injury.  This will be an inconvenience for the team, but all I can do is move forward while feeling grateful that I'm still alive.

Why did you think it might be broken?

The swelling went away, but I still felt pain.  I never felt pain like that, so I thought it couldn't just be a bruise.

What about day-to-day activities?

I have a hard time doing things like taking change out of my wallet or putting on my pants or socks.  I'm eating with my left hand.

How are you dealing with the injury?

I want to get back as soon as possible, but it is my throwing hand so I want to do things right.  I'm glad this happened during the first-half of the season.  I want to make it back strong for the second-half.

Source: Sanspo 4/22/2014