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[4/25/2014] Standard Baseball, Samurai Japan to get own company

by on Apr.26, 2014 @ 4:24 am, under NPB, Samurai Japan

Mizuno announced on Friday that new baseballs manufactured at their Shanghai plant fell within the range set by the NPB.  Six boxes of twelve baseballs were tested.  The average coefficient of restitution was 0.416.  Averages for each box were also within the limits.

The NPB is now satisfied Mizuno can produce baseballs that meet their specifications.  With future stock confirmed, the league will switch over to the "certified" baseballs for Ichi-gun games beginning on the 29th.

Mizuno also noted three issues that led to baseballs that were outside the limits set by the NPB.

  1. Baseball hardness was not properly tracked/managed
  2. Water content for the yarn dropped
  3. Test equipment at Mizuno was not properly installed

A number of measures will be taken to make sure there are no recurrences.  They include setting and managing standards for baseball hardness, conducting tests at the Shanghai plant, setting standards and conducting tests for water content in the yarn, and conducting additional tests before shipments are sent out.

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An NPB owner meeting took place at a hotel in Tokyo on Friday.  Among the topics discussed/decided:

  • There are plans to establish a separate company for Samurai Japan.  The NPB and the twelve teams will be the primary investors/shareholders.  Stocks will be jointly held.  A preparatory committee will be established to set offices, percentages, and various other details.  The NPB is hoping to have the company ready in time for the international games in November.
  • The NPB provided the twelve teams with an update on the standard baseball.
  • A new management position will be created to support the commissioner.

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The Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Tokyo has planned a couple of events for children during the Golden Week break.  Additional information can be found at the official site (Japanese).