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[7/1/2014] More trouble at Chiba Isobe High School

by on Jul.01, 2014 @ 2:54 pm, under High School

The media learned on Monday that third-year students on the Chiba Isobe High School baseball team filmed a second-year teammate in his underwear then uploaded the footage to LINE, an instant messaging service.  The school has since canceled practices for a about month.

According to school officials, a number of third-year students ordered a second-year teammate to strip down to his underwear after practices on April 2.  The third-year students stuck clothespins on various parts of the second-year teammate's upper body.  They filmed and uploaded the video to LINE, where it was made available to other members of the team.  The incident came to light about two weeks later when the second-year teammate spoke to an adviser about wanting to quit.

The baseball team has been involved in a number of harassment incidents since last fall.  For this particular incident, school officials suspended practices for about a month.  They also submitted a report to the Chiba High School Baseball Federation and were later issued stern warnings by the Japan High School Baseball Federation.

Source: Chiba Nippo 7/1/2014, Sponichi 7/1/2014