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[7/4/2014] Mazda All-Star Game 2014: Home Run Derby Balloting

by on Jul.04, 2014 @ 12:00 am, under NPB

Voting for Home Run Derby participants begins now and ends July 9 at 23:59.  Final totals will be announced on July 11.

There will be two Home Run Derby tournaments, one before each of the two All-Star Games.  Two players from each league will participate in the derby.

Tournament Set-up

  • Match 1: Player A vs Player B
  • Match 2: Player C vs Player D
  • Finals: Winner of 1 faces off against Winner of 2


  • Each player gets seven outs
  • Looking strikes will not count toward the out
  • Swinging strikes and fouls, any contact other than a home run will be an out
  • In the even of a tie, whichever player has more of the following wins/advances:
    • fan votes, or
    • home runs this season, or
    • home runs last season
  • If both players hit zero home runs during the Finals, then the tournament will end in a tie

More information can be found at the official NPB All-Star site (in Japanese).