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[7/12/2014] Higashi Osaka University Kashiwara and Isobe High Schools withdraw from tournaments

by on Jul.12, 2014 @ 6:28 pm, under High School

Higashi Osaka University Kashiwara High School announced on Wednesday (July 9) that they were withdrawing from the Osaka Tournament after they discovered physical abuse among teammates.

According to school officials, during clean-up duty on the 3rd, a second-year player on the baseball team egged a first-year teammate into tackling a separate second-year teammate.  The separate second-year teammate struck the first-year teammate in the face.  A third-year teammate joined in and kicked the first-year teammate in the back.  The first-year teammate suffered some facial bruising. Parents of the first-year teammate immediately contacted the team's manager to report the incident.

Source: Sponichi 7/9/2014Mainichi 7/10/2014


The Chiba High School Baseball Federation announced that they accepted Isobe High School's withdrawal request from the Chiba Tournament after they filed a report about third-year players on the team beating second-year teammates.

Isobe High School was issued a stern warning by the Japan High School Baseball Federation after they discovered third-year players harassing second-year teammates in April.  They decided to withdraw from the Chiba Tournament after they learned that third-year players were hitting second-year teammates in the back (with belts) and shoulder since last summer.

Source: Sponichi 7/10/2014


Koshien Stadium will be handing out Koshien dirt during the Summer Koshien as part of its 90th Anniversary celebration.  The dirt will be handed out to anyone with tickets to Special Non-Reserved Seats (First Base, Second Base, and Center).

Source: official announcement (pdf)