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Japan Student Baseball Association hands down sentences [7/18/2014]

by on Jul.18, 2014 @ 10:18 pm, under High School

The Japan Student Baseball Association met on Friday to determine punishments for the following cases:

High Schools

Game Suspensions

東大阪大柏原 部員のいじめ=7月4日から1カ月
Higashi Osaka Daigaku Kashiwara (Osaka) - bullying within the club - one month beginning on July 4

磯辺(千葉) 同=7月10日から3カ月
Isobe (Chiba) - bullying within the club - three months beginning on July 10

宮崎海洋(宮崎) 部員の飲酒=7月8日から3カ月
Miyazaki Kaiyo (Miyazaki) - drinking within the club - three months beginning on July 8

浜田水産(島根) 部員の恐喝、喫煙など=7月1日から1カ月
Hamada Suisan (Shimane) - extortion/blackmail, smoking within the club - one months beginning on July 1


東京都市大塩尻(長野)の監督 暴力=6月25日から3カ月
Tokyotoshi Daigaku Shiojiri (Nagano) manager - violence - three months beginning on June 25

愛知啓成(愛知)のコーチ 同=7月5日から1カ月
Aichi Keisei (Aichi) coach - violence - one month beginning on July 5

磯辺の部長 同、報告遅れ=6月30日から4カ月
Isobe (Chiba) director - violence, delayed report - four months beginning on June 30

Source: Jiji Press 7/18/2014