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[9/8/2014] Sponichi interview with Hiroyuki Nakajima

by on Sep.09, 2014 @ 12:34 am, under MLB

Sponichi posted the following interview with Hiroyuki Nakajima on September 3. This was before he got hurt.

On your season this year.

The year went by quickly. I wanted to make it back [to AAA] right away, but it ended so fast.

What was AA like?

With regards to practices at any level, I felt I just had to think of the positives that come from being able to try different things. I didn't really pay attention to winning and losing.

Did you learn anything new?

There were a number of things, in terms of hitting, in terms of how I should use my body. I got work in at second, as well as third, short, and first. Being able to play multiple positions was a good thing. I think it allowed me to see things differently.

Was the travel difficult?

I got used to it, to the point where I started thinking six hours wasn't all that bad. I didn't like the fourteen hour [trips].

How are you feeling?

To be honest, there were times when I kind of felt like I was losing motivation. There were also times when I questioned the environment.

Do you still feel like playing in the Majors?

I came because I wanted to play baseball in America. The field and atmosphere was good in every town I went visited, so that was fine. I thought if I was only going to be play in just a few games [at the Major League level], I might be better off not playing in any... But just getting a chance would be good too, so I thought about it both ways. I also don't want people talking about my NPB plus MLB totals if I somehow just managed a fluke hit in a chance outing.

Your old team Seibu has an interest in signing you.

I still have some time [to think]. Interest is better than no interest, so that makes me happy because it means I still have value. Regardless of what happens. After all, if I wanted to go back [to Japan and] there was no interest, I'd have to go to Taiwan or Mexico to play.

Source: Sponichi 9/3/2014