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2014 SMBC Nippon Series – Softbank wins sixth Nippon Series

by on Oct.21, 2014 @ 12:57 am, under NPB

SMBC Nippon Series

Nippon Series MVP: Seiichi Uchikawa

Best of seven.

Softbank takes series, 4-1.

Date Time Gm Venue Away Score Home Attendance Time
10/25 Sat 18:15 1 Koshien Stadium Softbank
SP: Standridge
L: Standridge
2-6 Hanshin
SP: Messenger
W: Messenger
45293 3:26
10/26 Sun 18:15 2 Koshien Stadium Softbank
SP: Takeda
W: Takeda
2-1 Hanshin
SP: Nomi
L: Nomi
45259 2:57
10/27 Mon     Travel Day
10/28 Tue 18:30 3 YafuOku Dome Hanshin
SP: Fujinami
L: Fujinami
1-5 Softbank
SP: Otonari
W: Otonari
35527 3:30
10/29 Wed 18:30 4 YafuOku Dome Hanshin
SP: Iwata
L: Ando
2-5 Softbank
SP: Nakata
W: Sarfate
35861 3:56
10/30 Thu 18:30 5 YafuOku Dome Hanshin
SP: Messenger
L: Messenger
0-1 Softbank
SP: Settsu
W: Igarashi
36068 3:31
10/31 Fri     Travel Day
11/01 Sat 18:15 6 Koshien Stadium Softbank   Hanshin    
11/02 Sun 18:15 7 Koshien Stadium Softbank   Hanshin    


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TV Ratings

Date Gm Broadcaster Kansai
10/25 1 TV Asahi 25.7% 33.7% 26.7%   11.8% 15.4%
10/26 2 TBS 21.0% 34.5% 21.3%   10.2% 18.3%
10/28 3 TV Asahi 17.3% 22.8% 24.3% 33.2% 8.3% 11.3%
10/29 4 Fuji TV 18.7% 26.1% 23.9% 33.7% 8.4%  
10/30 5 TBS 19.6% 39.3% 26.7% 43.9% 10.3%  

Source: Video ResearchZakZak 10/27/2014, Daily Sports 10/27/2014, Daily Sports 10/29/2014, Sponichi 10/30/2014, Sponichi 10/31/2014

13 comments on “2014 SMBC Nippon Series – Softbank wins sixth Nippon Series

  1. T-Ray

    Looks like if there’s a Game 6, I’ll be there! Can’t make it out to Fukuoka, though… I’ll have to depend on other Tigers fans to fill the seats, hahaha. Good one, Steve!

  2. muratafan

    Amazing, Softbank does not come close to selling out a Japan Series game! What is up with that? They can sell out regular season games but not Japan Series games? I realize that it was a Tuesday night, but still.

    Anybody have any earthly idea why this is the case?

    1. Gen Post author

      They had similar problems during the Climax Series as well. Not sure what the deal is. Could have something to do with Akiyama leaving.

      TV ratings are doing well, so it isn’t like the fans in Kyushu aren’t interested.

    2. Steve Novosel

      My little hypothesis is they aren’t really “selling out” regular season games – the parent company gives away so many tickets to employees (or forces them to buy tickets) that the numbers are horribly inflated. They’re not doing that in the playoffs so the stadium isn’t full.

      Witness the Lotte-Softbank game in Tokyo Dome in July – I tried the day before to get tickets and it was absolutely, completely impossible to do so, and only a tiny portion were local Lotte fans. This on a weekday! But see any other weekday game for the Hawks in Kanto – really, any other game – and I challenge you to find another where they were even close to selling out.

      Same thing happened for the Softbank “home” game in Kyocera – totally stuffed, impossible to get tickets, virtually none available for their opponent to buy. A typical Hawks road game in Kyocera on a weekday? Grab a section for yourself, plenty of room. Heck, weekends, too.

      I think the Hawks want to make it look like they are a much more popular team than they actually are, honestly.

      1. muratafan

        Actually, that is a very good explanation and makes total sense. I recognize that it is nit-picking, but even during the Series-clinching game, Softbank did not sell out.

        I like the Hawks and their owner quite a bit, I just found the lack of sell-outs weird when compared to the regular season.

  3. Dennis Sarfate

    I don’t know, I was at the Dome right after the All-Star break and the place was packed. I also think as a fan, who cares about attendance facts, that’s ownership worries, not that they have to worry about revenue. I’m happy we can clinch tonight, no matter if it’s full or empty.

    1. EJH

      I never understand why fans care about attendence. There are many possible factors other than lack of interest that can lead to fans not buying tickets and watching games at home instead. And, frankly, I do not care if Mr. Son makes a few bucks less tonight. He has more than enough already.

      As for you, Mr. Sarfate, I was going to wish you good luck tonight, but I just cannot gather any desire at all to do it because I am a Ham fan. As far as I am concerned, the baseball season ended 10 days ago. I have not watched any of the Japan Series games and I cannot even decide which participating team I dislike less in order to develop some sort of rooting interest in the series. So, have fun tonight. (That is the best I can offer. Sorry.) And, if you are with Softbank next year, please pitch badly against Nippon Ham. 宜しくお願いします。

      1. mika_chan

        poken like a true Ham fan! I myself prefer Ham over the Hawks. And your team will definitely be a force to be reckoned with next season, ‘coz damn it, your young players are good! That Ohtani kid is the envy of all the other teams, and now, you’ve even acquired another super rookie pitcher Arihara. Yoh and Nakata (Nakata!!!!) are only going to get better from here on, so yeah, definitely THE team to watch out for next year.

        As for this year’s Japan series, do root for the Tigers though. Those guys have been starving for a win for sooooo long (29 years!), they want it more than anyone else. :) Plus, Kansai people might turn chaotic when they lose, so… yep, they must win. :)

  4. Brew Wave

    Mr. Sarfate congratulations to your son for his save in the final game of the JS. Is he going to be back with the Hawks next year? Does he consider this JS win the high point of his career so far? It is cool to have the parent of a prominent player on here to give us the inside scoop.

    1. Dennis Sarfate

      Hi and thanks. I imagine it is one of the high points so far. He was part of a AAA Championship team back in 2005. He’s living his dream and is very satisfied with how things are progressing. Yes he will return next season. Right now we are thrilled to have him home. This off season will be short and he needs some much deserved rest.

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